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Quick and Easy Weight Loss

In this day and age, being overweight and out of shape is far worse than being cursed. With waifs like Kate Moss and Kangana Ranaut sashay down the catwalk, it’s natural that you involuntarily hold your breath. But more often … Continue reading

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Precautions to be taken while Using Buffered Aspirin Information

Type of Drug:Aspirin pain reliever (analgesic); fever reducer (antipyretic); anti-inflammatory agent. Guidelines for Use: Dosage is individualized. Take exactly as advised. May cause stomach upset. Take with food or after meals. Take with a full glass of water (8 oz) … Continue reading

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Octreotide Acetate Name Drug Information

Type of Drug:Synthetic hormone closely related to the natural hormone somatostatin (growth hormone inhibitor). How the Octreotide Acetate Works: Octreotide reduces blood levels of a variety of hormones (eg, growth hormone) and chemical messengers (eg, gastrin). Uses of the Octreotide … Continue reading

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Uses and Benefits of Oxazolidinediones

Type of Drug: Anticonvulsants; drug to treat epilepsy and seizures. How the Drug Works: To control absence act on central nervous system to decrease the frequency of seizures. Uses: To control absence (petit mal) seizures that do not respond to … Continue reading

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Some Benefits on Usage of Anticholinergics

How the Drug Works: Parkinsonism is a neurological disease with a variety of origins characterized by tremor, rigidity, and disorders of posture and equilibrium. The onset is slow and progressive with symptoms advancing over months to years. The group of … Continue reading

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Vitamin A and Vitamin B Drug Information

Content in the table above is given per serving of capsule, tablet, or teaspoon (5 milliliters). Products containing the greatest amount of Vitamin B 1 are listed first. Type of Drug: Vitamin combinations. Uses: Dietary supplement Guidelines for Use: Dosage … Continue reading

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