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Side Effects of Androgens and Androgens

Type of Drug:Male hormones. How the Drug Works: lostosterone is the primary natural androgen (male sex hormone) produced by the testes. Androgens promote normal growth and development of male sex organs (eg, prostate, seminal vesicles, penis, scrotum) and affect fertility. … Continue reading

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Desmopressin Acetate Guidelines of Usage

Type of Drug:Human antidiuretic hormone (ADH). How the Drug Works: A hormone which makes the kidneys reabsorb (retain) water and increases the concentration/activity of certain blood factors necessary for normal blood clotting. Uses: DDA VP: As antidiuretic hormone replacement therapy … Continue reading

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Pramipexole Drug – How does Pramipexole Works?

Type of Drug: Antiparkinson agent. How the Pramipexole Product Works: Parkinsonism is a neurological disease with a variety of origins characterized by tremor, rigidity and disorders of posture and balance. The onset is slow and progressive with symptoms advancing over … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Using Expectorants

Type of Drug:Loosens excessive respiratory secretions, mucus, and other foreign debris. How the Drug Works: Expectorants thin mucous secretions in the lungs and make the phlegm less sticky. The mucus is easier to cough up. This reduces chest congestion and … Continue reading

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Preventing Elder Abuse And Neglect: Need Of The Hour

With the nuclear families growing fast across the globe, the people all over are concerned with a grave fact and that is elder abuse and neglect. The growing stress of acquiring more money has left the spouses running behind their … Continue reading

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