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Guidelines for Usage Of Teracyclic Compounds

* Dosage is individualized. Take exactly as prescribed. * Do not stop taking or change the dose unless directed by your doctor. * Maprotiline – May be given as a single daily dose or in divided doses. * Mirtazapine – … Continue reading

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Tetracyclic Compounds – An Antedepressant Agent

Type of Drug: Antidepressant; mood-elevating agent. How the Drug Works: The exact mechanism of action is not known. It is believed that tetracyclic antidepressants adjust or balance how the brain and nervous system produce and respond to natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) … Continue reading

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Trazodone – Uses and Side Effects

Type of Drug: Antidepressant; mood-elevating agent. How the Trazodone Works: It is not known how trazodone works to relieve depression. It is believed trazodone modifies the chemical balance in the brain, which changes behavior. It does not stimulate the brain. … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Quit Smoking

Above and beyond being the obvious cause of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, the reasons for quitting cigarette smoking are becoming even clearer. There are many health conditions that have been directly linked over the past few years to … Continue reading

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