More Reasons to Quit Smoking

Above and beyond being the obvious cause of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, the reasons for quitting cigarette smoking are becoming even clearer. There are many health conditions that have been directly linked over the past few years to cigarette smoking. If you smoke or have someone in your family who does, you should make sure that they’re aware of these other important reasons to quit - among the most prominent being that it will be more difficult to get a life insurance quote or policy. Reading this may just be the kick in the pants they need to stop harming themselves and those around them.

People who smoke often have a hard time getting a good night sleep. A recent study in Chest magazine reported that smokers are 4 times more likely to have a hard time getting to sleep and not having a restorative rest, than those who don’t smoke. Nicotine was found to be the main factor in this condition and researchers said that the stimulant properties of the drug also had another effect on the smoker’s body by sending the person’s system into nicotine withdrawal during the night. Not getting enough sleep affects your health, so that’s just one more reason to quit smoking.

Smokers Are At Risk

Smoking also helps to break down the body’s ability to fight off infections. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended recently that smokers between 19 and 64 years of age be added to a short list of pneumococcal vaccine candidates. The reason for the recommendation was that smokers are far more susceptible to infection risk caused by pneumonia-causing bacteria. Because smoking may damage the respiratory system, it becomes easier for infectious diseases to enter the body and cause disease.

Cigarette smoking does harm to the digestive system as well. This can cause peptic ulcers, heartburn and even gallstones to occur. Smokers also run a much higher risk of developing Crohn’s disease, a painful inflammation of the digestive tract. Smokers are also prone to skin problems causing far more premature wrinkling of the skin including areas of the face, inner arms and even the buttocks.

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